About us

The German-Asian Business Circle (DAW) was founded by DAW President and Honorary Consul General of Nepal Bodo Kr├╝ger in 1995 and has since developed into one of the most influential Asian-focused business clubs. The DAW consists of a network of more than 1,900 companies and institutions, whose collective aim is to foster friendship between Asian countries and Germany and to build bridges between those cultures.

The German-Asian Business Circle helps its member companies to implement projects in Asia, establish necessary contacts, and conduct feasibility studies. Corresponding services are also offered to Asian counterparts in Germany.

The DAW organizes events addressing the most important and current issues in Asia. We offer a venue where members can regularly connect with senior decision makers in politics, diplomacy, tourism, and business, as well as entrepreneurs who conduct flourishing business in Asia. We organize delegations to Asia and help SMEs to expand the scope and size of their ventures. The DAW also provides those companies which partake in trips with a variety of supportive seminars and workshops.

The DAW hosts experts from all relevant corporate advisory and legal fields from across the Asia-Pacific and maintains close relations with diplomatic circles and contacts, which helps to ensure that bureaucratic hurdles do not keep companies from achieving their goals.

The DAW organizes economic summits in Germany to accommodate Asian countries and governments. We also assist Asian investors in settling into the German business environment and advise Asian companies on all manner of matters.

Our German members establish new connections with Asians, and our Asian contacts receive insights into German business and culture. This mutually beneficial relationship reflects our motto: "The only way to win a friend is to be a friend oneself."

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