Thomas Brandt
DAW Repräsentant Malaysia

Since 2005 Thomas Brandt is the Managing Director of AHK Malaysia and since 2010 DAW representative Malaysia. After his studies of economics in Hamburg he worked for the HWWA Institute for Economic Development and was sent to Indonesia for 7 years to the DIHK, German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce Jakarta, where he was head of the market research and PR department. In 2001 he became Deputy Managing Director of the German-Malaysian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Head of the “Company Pool” Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. Since 2005 he has been the Managing Director of the AHK Malaysia, for which he carries out various major projects (EU projects, Techno-Germa, entrepreneur and official delegation trips).

He is the author of “Business in Indonesia. Cultural Key to Success”, “AsiaComic” (both books bestsellers) and “Asia in Those Days”.


Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce, Kuala Lumpur,



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