Thomas Brandt
DAW Representative Malaysia

Since 2010 Thomas Brandt is DAW representative in Malaysia. For more than 26 years he has been advising companies on a daily basis on market entry and expansion in Southeast Asia and lectures on the history of China, overseas Chinese and the history of Europeans in Asia.

After studying economics in Hamburg, he worked for the HWWA Institute for Economic Development and was sent to Indonesia to the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce Jakarta, where he was head of the market research and PR department and deputy managing director. From 2001 to 2020, he managed the service business of the German-Malaysian Chamber of Industry and Commerce as Deputy Managing Director in Kuala Lumpur, and from 2005 to 2018 as Managing Director of AHK Malaysia. He supervised well over 50 entrepreneurial and official delegation trips, conducted countless large-scale projects, including EU- and ministry-sponsored projects, technical symposia, workshops on relevant industry sectors, including mechanical engineering, tooling technology, automation & Industry 4.0, maritime technologies, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and in the palm oil industry. As a ‘Keynote Speaker, Moderator and ‘Motivational Speaker’ he is well known in these industries and beyond the region.

His special interest in Asia also manifests itself in his personal life. He has written five books: ‘Business in Indonesia’, ‘AsiaComic’, ‘Asia in Those Days’, ‘China in Those Days’ and ‘Asia for Professionals’ and has been an advanced history trainer for tour guides in Kuala Lumpur. The ex-Bundesliga player and coach is still passionate about playing badminton, became “World Chinese Badminton Champion” in China in 2015 and won international titles in the age group. 





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