Business Opportunities in Nepal

Nepal! A paradise for hikers, trekkers and mountaineers, yet little is known about the business opportunities that Nepal has to offer. Prospects in sectors like infrastructure development, renewable energies, health care, environmental and recycling technologies abound – not to mention in the sourcing of plants, herbs and oils for natural medicines and cosmetics.

As with its South Asian neighbours, Nepal’s economy suffered from the Corona pandemic, however, the government successfully carried out a public vaccination campaign and a gradual recovery in tourism and remittances is expected soon. According to a recent report by the Asian Development Bank, Nepal’s GDP growth is expected to be 3.9% in 2022. The ongoing vaccination campaign is fostering a gradual normalization in economic activity. Along with the support of accommodative macroeconomic policies, GDP is forecast to grow at 5% in 2023.

OAV cordially invites you to an Information Session on Business Opportunities in Nepal with Nepal’s Ambassador to Germany, His Excellency RamKaji Khadka. In addition to providing an overview of key macro-economic and socio-demographic indicators, several experts will cover topics important for anyone interested to explore market opportunities.

Topics covered will include the legal framework and funding options for German companies, as well as vocational training, intercultural aspects and case studies. Representatives of German companies intending to invest in, to sell to or to source from Nepal as well as those already active in the country eager to get a fresh up-date are invited to attend.

At this information session, we also aim to provide details on our intended business mission to Nepal in September 2022.

The event will be conducted partly in German and partly in English and takes place on Tuesday, 31 May 2022, from 9:30 to 16:30.

We are very grateful to be able to hold this event in the beautiful premises of the Nepal Himalaya Park near Regensburg. With more than 1,000 different species, the park holds the largest collection of plants from the Himalayan region world-wide (see Ein Himalaya-Garten bei Regensburg | MDR Garten – YouTube).

For entry, room rental and catering expenses a share in costs in the range of 50 to maximum 80 Euro will be charged depending on the final number of participants.

We have reserved a room contingent at a small hotel in Wiesent for a one or two night stay. Please inform us until 23 May if you would like to make use of this option.

09:30 HRS Arrival & Registration

10:00 HRS Welcoming & introductory Remarks followed by self-introduction of Participants
Almut Rößner, Executive Member of the Board, OAV

10:30 HRS Intercultural Competences – Business Do’s and Don’ts in Nepal
Trainer of crosscultural academy GmbH

10:50 HRS Facts and Figures and Overview of the Economic Situation in Nepal
Mareen Haring, Manager South Asia/ Southeast Asia, Germany Trade and Invest

11:10 HRS Legal Framework for Foreign Companies operating and investing in Nepal

11:30 HRS Financing and Funding Options for German Companies
Matthias Klaholt, Consultant, Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft

11:50 HRS Welcome Address
H.E. Ram Kaji Khadka, Ambassador of Nepal to Germany

11:55 HRS Q&A Session

12:15 HRS Guided Tour of the Himalaya Park

13:00 HRS Lunch Break

14:00 HRS Dual Vocational Training Systems in Nepal
Kathrin Junken, CEO, NSST – Nepal Secretarial of Skill and Training

14:20 HRS Export Potential of Medical Aromatic Plants and Essential Oils from Nepal
Angie Martinez, Sourcing and Markets, Import Promotion Desk

14:40 HRS Q&A Session

15:00 HRS Coffee and Tea Break

15:15 HRS Practical Report from a German Company in Nepal

15:30 HRS Outlook on OAV Business Mission to Nepal in September 2022
Kimora Klug, Regional Manager South Asia, OAV

15:45 HRS Closing Remarks
H.E. Ram Kaji Khadka, Ambassador of Nepal to Germany

16:00 HRS Get Together

16:30 HRS End of Event


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